E-book links that don't work

In this morning's class several people indicated that the links in their copy of the e-book were not functioning. I wrote to the publishers, and it appears that they have figured out the source of the problem and developed a solution. Here is the email I received: 

Hi Ron,
We have fixed the issue. Anyone who already purchased it can now go to Account>Update Booklist and download the revised version with active hyperlinks.
Please let me know if there are any other problems with it.

On my cell phone and on my iPad the trick seemed to be to look for the arrow symbol in the photo here. When I went to "Collections" and clicked on that arrow, one of the choices that came up was "Update Booklist." The update should result in a functioning copy of the book being downloaded to your device. (I think you will then have 2 copies of the book - one with active links, one without.) Don't hesitate to comment here if you have found another strategy that works. or to report success, or failure.