Joining the WIKI site

Several students have successfully signed up with and joined the WIKI page for our course. I encourage everyone to complete their registration soon so that they can begin posting their project material there. When you go to our course WIKI, you will see a grey bar in the middle of the home page if you have not yet joined the site. When you click on that bar, a box with a few options will pop up, and one of the options will invite you to enter the membership password. Do that and you will be presented with a form to fill out to join Once you have submitted that form, you will be able to immediately start writing on the site.

The password is not difficult to remember:   psychology

On a different note, some may find today's op-ed column by David Brooks in the New York Times interestingBrooks writes frequently on topics related to evolutionary psychology, and today he considers aspects of the idea that humans are constituted of two systems - a largely conscious rational system, and a largely unconscious autonomic/emotional system (something that should sound familiar to readers of Damasio). In today's piece he asks in which of these two systems we are most likely to find our "deepest self."