Psyc 1010 during the strike

The University's Senate Executive Committee has announced that classes will be cancelled until there is a resolution to the contract issues with CUPE 3903. Consequently we will have no lectures or tutorials until that time. I know that some students are worried about losing their momentum in the course as a result of this interruption, and consequently my plan is to continue posting relevant course material more or less on the original schedule. There is no obligation for anyone to do anything with this material until the time when classes resume. However, those who are eager to continue reading and completing as much work as possible will be able to do so.

In particular, I will continue to post the lecture outlines and discussion questions each week. I will record some comments about the reading material and will include links to those comments in the lecture outlines. I will post the questions for the Dialogue Forum every week as usual. No deadlines for responding will be given until classes resume, but those who wish to do the reading and complete their responses on the original schedule will be able to do so. All of the library's resources will continue to be available during the strike, so this would be a good time for the groups to get together and make sure that they are collecting good material for the projects. The wiki site will be available for anyone who wants to work on their project pages. The URPP, however, will not be operating during the strike, and it won't be possible to book research participation again until after classes resume.

I will be available by email ( throughout the strike. I will do my best to respond to your questions and comments in a timely manner.