Click here for a listing of all the students in the course according to the last four digits of their student numbers. Next to each student number you will find the numerical exam score and the equivalent letter grade for Exam 1 and Exam 2, respectively. In some cases the score is exactly on the border between two letter grades, and the letter grade is reported accordingly -- B/B+, for example, for a score on the borderline of these two letter grades. (Makeup exam scores will not be posted until December 4th.)

The numerical exam score was calculated as follows:

  • a) We gave a letter grade to each of the seven items on your exam -- A, B+, B, etc.;
  • b) we converted your seven letter grades to numbers according to the York GPA scale -- A = 8.0, B+ = 7.0, B = 6.0, etc.;
  • c) we added together the seven numbers for your exam to get a total score on the exam;
  • d) we divided the total score by seven to get an average score for the test items. This is the numerical score reported on the list.

The letter grade for the exam was determined by translating the average numerical score for your exam on the basis of the York GPA scale.