A few materials on the self-help concept

Don McAdams'  My Good Inner Self: From Emerson to Oprah

Near the end of the chapter McAdams describes Oprah's view and quotes her: Oprah believes in the deep, good, true inner self: “What I teach is that if you are strong enough and bold enough to follow your dreams, then you will be led in the path that is best for you.” Do not let other people dissuade you from following your own destiny. Resist society's (p.143) norms and conventions if you feel they are keeping you from actualizing the self: “The voice of the world will drown out the voice of God and your intuition if you let it.”

Steven Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Kristin Rodier's existential phenomenological approach to habit and social change (a CBC IDEAS podcast, 53:59)

In the podcast Judith Butler is interviewed and says: I don't think habits are mechanical…. We are acted on by the cultures into which we are born and by which we are formed. They act on us but we also act on them. We can’t transcend or reverse our upbringing or formation, but we can work with it.... I do see that we have freedom and the capacity for critical reflection even in the middle of our habitual ways of doing things.

Stewart Justman on the Fool's Paradise of pop psychology