Undergraduate Research Participant Pool -- URPP

What is the URPP?

The URPP allows you to earn 4% out of 100% of your final PSYC 1010 grade by participating in psychology research at York University. In particular, students may earn 4% toward their final grade by participating in 3 hours of research during the fall term and 3 hours of research during the winter term. We recommend that you get started as soon as possible, as studies are posted throughout the term. Students who leave their URPP participation until the last minute may be unable to earn their full 6 credits. Each 0.5 credit earned is worth 0.33% towards your final mark.

How do I get an account?

1.     Go to http://yorku.sona-systems.com and follow the links to create a new account.

2.     When asked to provide an email address we recommend your yorku.ca address or notifications sent to you (including your password) may end up in a spam/junk folder.

3.     It is your responsibility to ensure that your student number and your course section correctly. If it is not, you won’t get credit for your research participation.

4.     Remember the URPP ID code that will be emailed to you. This is how the researchers will identify you.

 How do I participate in studies to earn my 4%?

1.     Pre-screen Questions: When you first create an account you will have the chance to voluntarily answer about 20-minutes worth of questions about your personal characteristics. Answering these will give you a wider variety of studies to choose from, making it easier to earn your 4%. All responses are confidential and no one will contact you based on your answers.

2.     Signing Up: Login to your account to browse and sign up for studies that fit your schedule and interests. You will get 1 “credit” for each hour of participation. 

3.     See detailed instructions and FAQs at: http://psyc.info.yorku.ca/undergraduate-research-participant-pool/

4.     Code of Conduct: Researchers and participants must show up on time for research appointments. Signing up for a study is like signing a contract. If you show up late, the researcher will decide whether there is enough time to complete the study. If not, your appointment may be cancelled or rescheduled at the researcher's discretion. If you miss an appointment without contacting the researcher you will be required to complete extra hours to earn your 4%. Cancellations can be made online up to 24hrs in advance; the web system will not allow any cancellations made less than 24hrs before your appointment. Be sure to take note of the researcher’s phone number and email address when you sign up, in case you are unable to attend your appointment on short notice and need to contact them by phone or email.

5.     Right to Withdraw: As part of ethical research procedures, a participant has the right to withdraw at any time during the course of a study without penalty. If you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason about continuing in a study once you've begun, let the researcher know.

6.     Record Keeping: All records are kept online and mistakes can occur. Please keep the confirmation emails that the sona system will send to you confirming your participation in different studies.  For lab studies, you can also get a coloured URPP “credit card” from researchers that they will sign as proof of your participation. If you think you have not received appropriate credit for participating in a study, first contact the researchers responsible for the study in question. There will also be a formal appeals week at the end of the term wherein you should check your account to ensure all of your credits are showing (March 30th – April 6th). No appeals will be considered after these dates.

7.     If you have taken Psych1010 previously and already have an account you cannot use your old credits. You will need to do six new hours of research.  Email us so that we can reset your account. 

What if I do not wish to participate in research? Is there another way to earn my 4%?

Yes, you may opt to submit a 3-page paper summarizing a psychology research article that will be assigned to you. This option is referred to as the Paper Stream. Students who wish to choose this option must email the URPP office before October 6th, 2014, and will receive further instructions. Acceptable papers will earn up to 4% toward their final grade.


If you have any questions, email us at urpp@yorku.ca and you will a response within 2 business days.