Antonio Damasio

I would like to recommend two excellent video sources for learning more about Damasio's ideas. 

In 2011 he gave a TED talk (19 minutes) on his ideas about the biological bases of consciousness. In a longer interview (65 minutes) with David Brookes at the Aspen Institute in 2009 he discusses much of the material in the book we are reading, Looking for Spinoza. 

Damasio does an excellent job in the two videos of summarizing the central ideas in his work. Watching the videos will give you an excellent framework for organizing and understanding the Looking for Spinoza book.  Thanks to Justin S for pointing me to these videos.

The following are links to two videos that I used in one of the lectures last term. You will find links to these in the lecture outline, but I wanted to add them here to make it a little easier to find them again in the future when we have all forgotten which lecture they were included in.

The fairness study from Frans de Waal's Ted talk - monkeys with grapes and cucumbers 

Autonomy, mastery, and purpose from Dan Pink's RSA Animate talk